wonder woman movie Live online

Wonder Woman will be releasing this year. With Gal Gadot bringing the character to life, her movie will be worth watching. Her solo adventure would see her going up against Ares and talking about the first time she went to war to protect humanity. Click Here

wonder woman movie Live online

wonder woman movie Live online

With the movie touching up on her past history, there could be a character from her present that could have a cameo in her solo movie. Reports are suggesting that character could be Ben Affleck’s Batman.

With Ben playing Batman, he has an important part to play in DCEU. He did come in contact with Wonder Woman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and asked for her help to find other metahumans to put together a team.

Considering all of this that transpired between them, here are reasons why Ben’s Batman might cameo in the movie.

wonder woman movie Live online

Her story

One of the main reasons why Batman would have a cameo in the movie is because he might want to know Diana’s story. In the trailer too, she can be heard doing narration. Maybe it is she telling her story to Bruce about how she came to be.

Batman always likes to be thorough with his research, with him putting together a team with her, he might want to know who he is dealing with.

Connection to Justice League

Reports had earlier hinted that the solo movie would be based in present day too. With that happening, there are chances that Bruce might meet with her in present day to know what happened in the past.

Since Diana has first hand account of the event, she too might decide to share her story with him.
Events right before Justice League

Since this conversation between Batman and Wonder Woman will take place in present day, there is a chance Diana could be telling her story right before the two start to assemble the Justice League.

They might be looking into other metahumans when Diana will share her story about her very first adventure during World War I. In order for her to tell her story, they could sit together at the very beginning and the whole movie would take place in flashback.

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